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Reading Preferences

Continuing on with the recent book theme, I thought it would be a nice idea to get some insight into my personal preferences for books rather than the books themselves. This is definitely not because I haven’t finished anything to review in the last two weeks. Really. I swear it. Anyways, I found this set… Continue reading Reading Preferences

Book Reviews


As promised I’ve returned with a review of Jacqueline Garlick’s Lumiere, the first book in The Illumination Paradox, a young adult trilogy started back in 2013. The story follows its two main characters, Eyelet and Urlick, as they search for the Illuminator: an invention they both hold close ties to that has the power to heal and destroy.… Continue reading Lumiere

Book Reviews

The Thousandth Floor

We are shifting focus a little this time from anime into a new layer of fandom, books! For the past month or so I’ve been slowly making my way through The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee. You may have seen it yourself at a bookstore or library since it’s been getting popular lately. I won’t lie, I… Continue reading The Thousandth Floor

Book Reviews

Solaris Seethes

Note: This review was originally posted here on onlinebookclub.org and has been posted on this blog with permission. Solaris Seethes is a family-friendly adventure into the world of ancient prophecies and alien planets with a lovable cast of characters and exotic settings. Or rather, that's what it could have been. It gets its namesake from the character Solaris,… Continue reading Solaris Seethes

Flash Fiction


Youthful blue eyes met the ageless black of the monster's in curiosity before the soft pink of her lips parted and she spoke. "I am not here to hurt you." As the words were said she reached out her one bare hand to the scaled flesh of the dragon. The great beast quivered in the… Continue reading Protector